21 Sep

New Trustees for Smallholding Scotland

At the recent AGM, held in Perth,  four new Trustees joined the Board of Smallholding Scotland. Laura Turner, from Fife, has taken up the position of Membership Secretary; Anne Massie has taken the role of Treasurer. The other new trustees are Sandra Bannister and Karen McKay.

Elaine Whitely and Andy Phillips stood down under the constitutional rules and were re-elected. Martin Beard, Rosemary Champion, Cath Livingstone and Arnot Tippett remain on the Board, with Martin taking the office of Events Co-ordinator, Rosemary, Chair and Arnott, Secretary.

There are still vacancies for Trustees so any member interested in getting involved should contact the Board via enquiries@smallholding.scot.

The Board are looking forward to developing the organisation to support and represent Scottish smallholders over the next year.

Also at the AGM, the accounts for 2018 were approved and the subscriptions for 2019/20 set at £20 for Full and £15 for Associate memberships.

27 Aug

Smallholding Scotland AGM 2018

The first Smallholding Scotland AGM takes place on Friday 14th September at the New County Hotel at 7pm. All members are warmly invited to attend and papers will be circulated to all members on Wednesday 29th August.

18 Jun

Survey of Scotland’s smallholdings and smallholders

There are a lot of smallholdings in Scotland.

Information on Scotland’s smallholdings and smallholders is pretty sparse. It is mainly based on the Scottish Government’s Annual Agricultural Census, but that only goes routinely to those who submit a Single Application Form plus a proportion of other registered holdings.

Smallholding Scotland would like to improve both the quality and breadth of information available and is in discussion with SRUC, ScotGov and the Royal Society of Statisticians to develop a comprehesive survey, the results of which will guide the future work of the organisation.

We hope that the survey work will be complete by the end of 2018. Further details will be made available in due course.


18 Jun

Prince’s Countryside Fund bid – information hub

As active smallholders, the Trustees of Smallholding Scotland know first hand how challenging it can be to find accurate, reputable and unbiased information. It’s hard if you know what you don’t know; if you don’t know what you don’t know, it’s impossible.

At its establishment last year, the Trustees identified the development of a comprehensive, web-based information hub for smallholders and aspiring smallholders as a priority for the organisation.

Last week, a bid for £50,000 was submitted to the Prince’s Countryside Fund to build and populate such a hub. If we are successful, we will be commissioning the building of the website and knowledge hub plus employing a contractor to take on the project of collating, commisssioning, editing and curating content.

Needless to say, we have our fingers and toes crossed.