Notice to all visitors and members

The Board of Trustees of Smallholding Scotland met recently to finalise its work plan for the coming year. Smallholding Scotland, like most other charities in Scotland, has experienced a very difficult year with challenges on a number of fronts.
Throughout the last year the Organisation sought to continue its work on supporting and representing smallholders, including planning, organising and running the hugely successful Festival. It was our first ever virtual festival and whilst extremely successful, the amount of work involved for the small team of organisers was immense; and probably more than the usual physical Festival.
The workload associated the festival, coupled with increased involvement with the Scottish Government regarding post-Brexit strategies, a significant increase in membership activity and some key changes in Board membership, it was clear to the Trustees that with such limited resources this level of activity cannot be sustained through this year.
With that in mind, the Trustees have taken the decision to focus all efforts this year solely on the Festival and ensuring the extremely high standard and success from last year’s Festival is carried forward into this year. 
We do intend to continue to work with the Scottish Government on smallholders’ behalf where possible but sadly due to our limited resources we will be suspending all the other Organisation’s activities, including social media, website and member services with immediate effect.
The Trustees took this decision with a heavy heart but feel that the Festival provides the best opportunity to display and promote the tremendous work smallholders do as land managers, small food producers and supporters of their local communities. We hope our members will understand this decision and continue to support us through this difficult time.
The Trustees hope you all stay safe and well and thank you again for your support.
Board of Trustees
Smallholding Scotland