Land services

(Updated 13th January 2020)

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If you provide services to  smallholders and want to be included on the list, please send your details – name, contact details (email and / or phone), area covered and additional details up to 30 words to

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NameEmail addressPhone contactAreaAdditional information
Ross Evansrme639@aol.comWithin 30 miles of GarliesonHedgecutting
Dougie Banff, AberdeenshireSuppliers of hay and straw. Also agricultural building design.
Specialised Rural Services (Craig Downie) GlenfargServices include tree and land services, agri fencing, drainage and groundworks, spraying and cultivation. See website for more details or contact Craig to discuss
Craighead Horse Logging (Ken Stewart) 833648 / 07890 280096Based Ayrshire but may travel by offering woodland management and clearance, tree felling and processing, mobile timber milling, timber extraction, harrowing and rollng using Clydesdale horses or by tractor - ideal for small areas and paddocks. Also training and certification in chainsaw / chipper and most aspects of forestry and treework.
Alister Elwiskarenelwis@googlemail.comBased Kinross-shire, but able to cover East and West coast as has links to Mull.Drystone walling (Level 2 Professional Certificate); fencing; livestock husbandry and handling (cattle sheep, pigs, horses); tractor / sprayer / forklift driving; welding / maintenance